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NSE Ltd is one of the first companies, internationally, that has provided since 2006, an effective solution to the high fuel consumption problem for telecom companies with installations supplied by diesel generators.

Its first product, the FRS (Fuel Reduction System) is an innovation offering a 50% to 75% fuel consumption and emission reduction, in combination with a smooth trouble-free operation. Its installation to active mobile telephony base station has started since 2006.

Since then, NSE Ltd still remains an active pioneer, providing innovative solutions for the energy supply sector especially in the fast-growing world of the off-the-grid installations.

Product Families

Active BMS

Professional stationary battery management systems, covering both cyclic and back-up power applications, extending battery performance & reliability beyond theoretical manufacturer’s specifications. more…

Fuel Reduction Systems

Dedicated to off-the-grid telecom installations, powered by diesel generators. Dramatic fuel reduction, combined with remarkable reduction in power-down issues, due to a fault predicting flexible remote resource management system. more…

Hybrid Place N' Plug

Turn-key solutions for professional, telecom and domestic applications, factory customized for immediate “place & plug” operation. Modular design, readily integrating any available energy source (sun, wind, hydro, diesel). more…

Remote monitoring & control

A powerful platform providing all the hardware & software links of the chain connecting your remote installation with your desk-top PC or your mobile phone. Intrinsically applicable to all our products, it can readily be extended to other third-party equipment. more…

Active Battery Management Systems

for all stationary battery applications, even for the hardest non-stop cycling


All battery cells are treated individually, maintaining their SOH in top condition. This treatment fixes any appearing issues before they grow to actual defects. This ensures for a perfectly balanced, healthy battery, with a reliable trouble-free operation and a service life extending even beyond the manufacturers specifications.

The active Battery Management Suite is your new alternative to your existing manual battery maintenance and accounting procedures.

Just sit and watch all your battery tasks, from SOH maintenance and balancing, up-to the battery asset management and accounting, to be carried out automatically, or even interactively, simply from your desktop or your smartphone.


Boost your installation’s reliability & performance

by maintaining the SOH of the batteries in known and continuously evaluated top level

Early fault prediction

By analyzing the behavior of each individual cell and predicting upcoming faults

Actually, they… return money

From the remarkable increase of the service life of the batteries, from the remarkable reduction of power spent for trickle or for equalization charging and from the elimination of the manual on-site battery tests and measurements

ABMS. The effective solution for the stationary batteries.

Hybrid Place N’ Plug Power systems

Factory pre-assembled autonomous Renewable Energy Hybrid systems in weather-proof shelters for easy transportation, quick installation, and instant operation.

  • On-top 2 KW PV panel array
  • Optional up-to 4 KW PV array on ground supports
  • Optional 3.5 KW small wind turbine
  • Optional support for diesel back-up
  • 30 KWh internal energy storage
  • Heavy duty 5 KW inverter (1phase)
  • On-site installation by low-skill-level personnel
  • Very low maintenance
  • Fully automatic operation

Remote Monitoring and Control Platform

A powerful platform like a chain, with its first links residing inside our products at your remote site and extending up-to your mobile phone or desktop PC.

With a few clicks, you can fly from any-where to your installation, inspect and adjust your equipment, run tests, do all you want and then be back in a few moments.

This remote monitoring & control features can be readily extended to other, third-party equipment, in your installation.

Inspect and adjust the activity of your remote equipment, the right moment you need to

Analyze on-line the data from your equipment, using the built-in analysis tools

Organize on-line your personnel rights to access & control your equipment

Save time and money by eliminating physical visits to your remote sites for inspection and adjustments

Keep an eye on your remote site or property (doors, locks, environmental conditions … and many more)

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