The A-bms, Active battery management systems, support stationary batteries in both cyclic and backup power applications.

All battery cells are treated individually to maintain their individual state of health (SOH) in top condition. For this purpose, dedicated hardware modules consisting of high accuracy measuring circuits and high efficiency two-way charge exchange converters, are allocated to each one of the battery cells. Slight issues are detected and fixed immediately, before they grow to serious defects.

So, the entire battery is continuously maintained in perfect health and perfectly balanced.

This is a guarantee for a reliable, trouble-free battery performance, with a surprising extension of its service life.

Cell behavior is further analyzed on the central server, using complex algorithms, to define battery actual ageing but also to predict upcoming future cell defects. Marginal “dangerous” cells, may be replaced before they infect the entire battery.

Individual cell replacement is supported by the A-bms.

Finally, A-bms battery accounting software is used to predict battery replacement schedule, group the replacement tasks geographically, calculate budgets and perform the accounting jobs.


The end benefits provided by the A-bms are:

  • Battery life extension beyond the typical service life limits stated by the manufacturer for the actual operating conditions (DOD and temperature).
  • Actual results from our customer’s reference installations have shown 7-12 years of service life and over 4X the cycle limit of the manufacturer.
  • At least 10% reduction in the fuel consumption and the daily operation time of the diesel generator in diesel battery systems
  • Almost complete elimination of energy consumption during float, in backup power systems
  • Elimination of On-site battery preventing maintenance
  • Remarkable increase of watering intervals for flooded batteries
  • Early detection of upcoming faults to individual battery cells.
  • Accurate remote view of battery SOH and ageing
  • Capability for remote full battery test (including lossless discharge test)
  • Detected faulty battery cells (or cell blocks), may be individually replaced. It won’t be necessary to replace the entire battery

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