activity of NSE ltd

The activity of NSE Ltd

NSE Ltd, since its foundation in 2000, was involved with the installation of systems generating green energy.
It is one of the first companies internationally that were involved with the issue of reducing the fuel consumption in off-grid Mobile Telephony Base Stations and provided an effective solution to this problem.

Since 2006 several Fuel Reduction Systems (FRSs) have been installed and are in full operation in mobile telephony base stations in the mainland and the islands of Greece.

Today, NSE Ltd is the manufacturer and the exclusive distributor of the FRS (Fuel Reduction System for off-grid installations) and also undertakes the installation of green energy generating systems and energy saving systems, on behalf of the companies of our group.

R&D activity :

NSE is constantly involved in the development of new products in the field of Smart Energy.

The current field of its our R&D activity is the development through international collaboration and the application of new operational, control and communication concepts on Smart Microgrids.

The specific target of this activity is the development of cost effective Power Electronic Converters with integrated the Smart Microgrid concepts, for higher RES penetration. 
The scope of its application is the Greek islands. It will be tested and evaluated, in the 
N.S.E. Microgrid Demo Site at Kourtaki, Argos – Greece.

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