The N.S.E. Ltd

NSE Ltd (Networking System Excellence) is a Greek company that, since 2000 is active in the integration of high technology systems that save energy and produce green energy. It was founded by the two companies AltEneR and R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Engineering, to utilize their 20-year experience on power electronics and renewable energy resources systems and to produce and distribute hybrid systems and fuel reduction systems. It integrates systems for companies of our group.

In our days the issue of energy coverage, especially for big companies that own off-grid installations, has become a serious problem, due to the constant rise in the fuel prices and the international pressures for gas emissions’ reduction.

NSE Ltd is pioneering, by constructing high technology systems that provide integral solutions to these problems.
It undertakes the manufacturing of the systems, the distribution, the transportation, the installation, to put them in operation and the after sales support, establishing, with its customers, a long lasting relationship based on communication, co-operation and trust.

Its great experience, its pioneering and reliable integrated systems and the quality after sales support have lead to NSE Ltd’s recognition in the field of green development.

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