What is the FRS?

It is a system developed by NSE Ltd. Its purpose is to reduce fuel consumption by intermittent operation of the genset. Our FRSs are operating in mobile telephony base stations since August 2006.

It is useful for:

Companies operating off-grid installations with constant loads such as mobile or landline telephony base stations, tv repeaters, etc.

The Benefits:

  • Fuel reduction, ranging from 50% to 75%. Fuel consumption is now proportional to the actual energy consumption (kWh).
  • Gas emissions reduction at the same percentage as fuel reduction.
  • Engine operating time reduction down to 4-8 hours per day resulting to:

 * Noise reduction proportional to the engine operating time reduction.

 * Engine maintenance intervals increase from 2 weeks to 6-8 weeks with a

proportional reduction in maintenance costs.

  * Engine service life increase by a factor of 3-4 with a proportional reduction in engine

replacement cost.



FRS comes in 2 versions

The FRS is a self-contained system that comes in two versions according to the transportation and installation needs.

FRS S-300

The FRS entire equipment is built in a 1.6X2.8X2.3 m (W x L x H), robust, all weather shelter, easy to transport by means of a truck equipped with a lifting device. The weight of the complete system is 3000 kg. It is ideal for cases of installations without transportation or installation limitations.

FRS C-300

It consists of three robust, all weather shelter, separate cabins (two for the batteries and one for the rest of the equipment). This design offers higher flexibility in transportation and installation. The dimensions of the FRS cabin are 0,6Χ1,2Χ1,8 and of the battery cabins 1Χ1Χ1,6 (W x L x H) and their corresponding weights are 350 kg and 1050 kg accordingly.


FRS synthesis


System control and management

Although the FRS is a fully automatic stand-alone system, it is continuously monitored through a sophisticated Telemonitoring and Telecontrol system. This feature offers the possibility to have always a complete real-time image of the system. All data is saved in a database and can be retrieved easily in history mode in case you want to to see what has happened at any moment in the past. The data collected by the Control and Management System is compared to previous historical data values, in order to help us foresee and so to prevent damages before they occur.

An Extra Benefit

for the owner of the FRS is that he can also monitor and control, through the Telemonitoring and Telecontrol facility, the rest of the installation equipment, beyond the FRS itself:

  • Fuel level, engine temperature, oil pressure, engine room temperature, starter battery, and everything else related to the genset, plus voltages currents and temperatures on the station equipment, open doors and more, are among the indications of the Telemonitoring system.
  • All these are visible in real-time and available for any moment in the past.
  • You can make charts, live charts and excel tables with the data you need.
  • Telecontrol makes possible every operation on the installation, (start or stop the genset, change its parameters, etc), with no need for physical presence.
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