Hybrid Pn’P

What is Place n´Plug?
It is a hybrid renewable energy source system in one or more containers. It is placed at your site and then plugged to your installation within a few minutes. It supplies uninterrupted energy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, preferably from the sun or the wind but also there is an option for a backup generator.
Main characteristics

* Autonomous energy system
* Suitable for tropical climates and sub-Saharian areas
* Environmental friendly
* Low cost
* Long-life
* Totally safe and reliable
* Easy to transport and to install
* No need for on-site assembly and wiring
* Very little and quite simple maintenance
* No need of skilled personnel
* Operation monitored and supported “on-line” by supervising centre
* Help desk service available for local personnel support


Place n´Plug description

Easy transportation and installation
Place n’ Plug is delivered as a 2.0Xx1.4X1.7 meter, 1 tone, easily handled, all weather container. It has incorporated everything required for its operation, including 2 kWp photovoltaic panels. The PV panels are retracted to minimize volume for transportation. When placed at the operation site they are extended in a few minutes. Operation starts immediately. All tests and adjustments have been completed at the factory.

System control and management

Although the Place n’ Plug is a fully automatic stand-alone system, it is continuously monitored through a sophisticated Telemonitoring and Telecontrol system. This feature offers the possibility to have always a complete real-time image of the system. All data is saved in a database and can be retrieved easily in history mode in case you want to see what has happened at any moment in the past. The data collected by the Control and Management System is compared to previous historical data values, in order to help us foresee and so to prevent damages before they occur. An Extra Benefit for the owner of the Place n’ Plug is that he can also monitor and control, through the Telemonitoring and Telecontrol facility, the rest of the installation equipment, beyond the Place n’ Plug itself.

Modular and expandable

If more power is required, one or more similar units can be simply added to form a mini grid. Optionally they may be connected in parallel or can form a three phase system.

Place n´Plug diesel

An optional unit is available with a backup diesel generator and a 1000 Lt oil tank. It has the same size with the main units and has also 2 kWp photovoltaic panels on top. It is interconnected with the system and will run automatically in cases of energy shortages.

The Place n Plug brochure

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