Hybrid Systems

NSE Ltd., the pioneering company in fuel reduction systems and renewable energy resources systems offers integral solutions for house or business installations.

The characteristics of the NSE Ltd. hybrid systems:

* Energy autonomous systems

* Environmental friendly

* Easy to install

* Long-life

* No need of maintenance

* Totally safe and reliable

* They are completed in three steps to divide the cost

* You save money from the first step

Step 1

EconSys installation+ wind measurement+ solar measurement

You already have a diesel generator that supplies power to your installation. The “building” of your system starts with buying the EconSys by NSE Ltd. The EconSys is the heart and brain of the hybrid system. It is compatible with any type of generator and it delivers a fuel consumption reduction of 75%! At the same time, the incorporated anemometer and a solar sensor evaluate the renewable energy potentials in the area. Therefore, while reducing fuel consumption, you learn the wind and solar energy potentials of your area for installing renewable resources!


Step 2

AltEneR wind turbine installation

NSE Ltd. will analyze the wind measurement results. If the wind potential of your area is sufficient, you decide to install the reliable small AltEneR wind turbine (Altener is a member-company of our group). It is specially designed to meet the needs of a family house or a small business. AltEneR wind turbines are designed in Greece, based on the particular wind characteristics. Since 1995 they evolve following the latest, every time, technology. They are readily incorporated iinto EconSys. After this second step you have free power from the wind!


Step 3

Photovoltaic installation

Based on the solar potential measurement in your area, together with the experienced personnel of our company you may decide for the installation of photovoltaic panels (power and size). We are always by your side to help you find the best solution for your case. After the photovoltaic installation you have a complete hybrid system, tailored to your energy needs.

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