Remote Monitoring And Control Platform

Our company, has developed since 2005, a complete remote monitoring & control platform, for our customers, to access our products remotely.

Our customers can access remotely their devices using web-clients, from PC’s, tablets, and Smart-phones, through our central meeting point server through secure connections.

All our products support intrinsically the remote monitoring and control features and are all compatible with the platform.

Third-party equipment may also be attached to the platform, by connecting its communication port to the expansion port of another platform-compatible device through a special adapter card.

The platform is continuously active since 2005, providing access for our customers to our products.

A very flexible user-friendly interface provides the following general functionalities to the users (our customers) for all our products:

  • Real time equipment status and numerical values of parameters.
  • For customers with many installations, a summary overview of all the installations, with geographic visualization is available.
  • Manual access to all the controls of the equipment (for qualifying users, according to their rights levels).
  • History data presentation for the items in the real-time view.
  • Real-time alarms.
  • Alarm history.
  • Quick data trend analysis for all parameter values.
  • Equipment configuration control.
  • User management (user creation, user data editing, user rights level control)

Additional, product specific functionalities, are available in many cases, like KPI (key performance indicator) evaluation and statistical analysis.

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